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Summer is the time of backyard BBQs. Don’t reschedule your BBQ because your grill is dirty. Call Treasure Coast Grill Cleaning today, we offer the best grill cleaning service in BallenIsles, FL. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience in the grill cleaning business. Our grill cleaning services aim to make your grill shine and protect the environment at the same time! We only use bio-degradable and non-caustic materials to clean your grill. Don’t search for “BallenIsles grill cleaning services near me” anymore. You’ve found the best in the business. Just check out our reviews! Call us today and one of our grill cleaning professionals will offer you a free consultation.

Our professional grill cleaning services include grill cleaning, grill replacement, custom services like oven and cooktop cleaning, and grill repair. We can even clean your vent hood! We are different than other grill cleaning companies in the BallenIsles area. We use a unique BBQ grill cleaning technique that is environmentally friendly. Our professional grill cleaning service uses a steam cleaning system to safely and effectively remove years of grease and carbon deposits. Our outdoor grill cleaning service also uses the correct cleaning solutions, to cut through the tough char.

Most BallenIsles grill cleaners use solutions that are too weak to remove the grease or are bad for your grill’s health. Our outdoor grill cleaning services only use bio-degradable and fume-free cleaning products. Our professional grill cleaning services are safe for you, your family, and your grill! In addition to cleaning, we also offer grill repair to BallenIsles residents.

Our Grill Cleaning Services

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Grill Box Cleaning

When you see a lot of smoke coming from your BBQ grill, it indicates that the grill box requires cleaning. This is the portion of your BBQ grill where more waste fat and food residue accumulates, thus it needs a thorough clean using strong detergents while taking precautions to avoid damaging the surface. We also take extra precautions to prevent rusting. You will be able to enjoy your BBQ grill as much as you like once we complete our service in Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches.
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Vent Hood Cleaning

A vent hood is designed to remove smoke that might be inconvenient for you, your family, and guests, as well as grease and even food particles from the BBQ grill. It's a useful addition to your outdoor cooking, but it needs to be maintained on a regular basis; otherwise, it won't function properly. Our Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches BBQ grill cleaning services include the right equipment and skills to clean properly the vent hood and ensure that it performs its function best possible. You will no longer have to worry about pesky smoke.
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Heat Plates Cleaning

If you don't clean your heat plates properly, your food will taste strange because of the absorption of food debris and extra grease. It takes some time to clean the heat plates correctly, and for that reason, you'll need patience and expertise. Our team of BBQ grill cleaning professionals in Florida has a lot of experts who will treat your BBQ grill's heat plates as if they were their own. We'll preserve them so that you don't have to worry about them, but we'll also notify you if any are damaged or need to be replaced.
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Side Burner Cleaning

A side burner is designed for tiny cuisine and allows you to prepare a number of dishes at the same time while getting the most out of your grill. It's critical to clean it properly and maintain it on a regular basis to ensure that it cooks your food as rapidly as possible. Cleaning side burners of various shapes and sizes is our specialty at Treasure Coast & Palm Beach BBQ Grills. Our main objective is for you to get the most enjoyment from your BBQ grill and make sure it lasts as long as possible.
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We can fix every type of grill. Our BBQ repair services save BallenIsles residents money because they won’t have to replace their BBQ grill! Our technicians have spent hours learning from the manufacturers of popular BBQ grills and learning how to repair and perform maintenance on your BBQ grill. Don’t search for “BallenIsles BBQ repair near me” any longer! Call us today to schedule your BBQ repair in time for your summer shindig!

BallenIsles, FL is a gated community in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. It is home to three golf courses and a country club. It is bordered by the PGA Boulevard, Military Trail, Northlake Boulevard, and Florida’s Ronald Raegan Turnpike. There are two dog parks inside BallenIsles and a sports complex featuring soccer and track fields. Ballenisles is located near the PGA Commons shopping and dining area. The PGA Commons shopping and dining area offers residents and visitors many entertainment options!

Don’t forget our name when you’re looking for grill cleaning and outdoor grill repair in the BallenIsles area. Our technicians are extremely skilled and prepared to bring your grill back to life! Don’t throw out a perfectly good grill because it’s dirty or not working properly. Let Treasure Coast Grill Cleaning take a crack at it first! There is no time like the summer to get your grill in tip-top shape. Our experienced technicians are standing by to answer all your questions about our outdoor grill cleaning services or outdoor grill repair. We can’t wait to help you with all things grill!

ballenisles bbq repair near me

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Grill Cleaning BallenIsles FL

Donna Brinson

As a property manager I’m always on the lookout for a great service company to take care of my clients. Treasure Coast took care of the grill cleaning and made it look brand new! Couldn’t be more pleased and will use the company for all my clients now.

Grill Cleaning BallenIsles FL

Gail Meyers

Had my grill cleaned last Wednesday and I’m still amazed how my grill sparkles. Looks better than brand new. The two guys that came were awesome. Super experienced, really knowledgeable friendly funny men. I can’t wait till my next cleaning

Grill Cleaning BallenIsles FL

Gail Morin

Chris did an excellent job cleaning my Alfresco 54 inch grill. He came this past week and replaced the broken ignition, starter, smoker and rotisserie. Treasure Coast is the company to call for cleaning and repairing grills

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